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RongHaiCheng Construction Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “RHC Group”) is an innovative technology company that has been expanding along with the construction and development of China's urbanization. Our group follows the development concepts of “technology, innovation, green, environmental protection, ecology and humanism”, and upholds the code of conduct of being “honest, pioneering, excellent, practical and innovative”, aiming to become a top domestic construction group for city development. Group’s headquarter locates in Beijing with a registered capital of RMB230 million and 8 secondary wholly-owned subsidiaries. Taking the services for city development and construction as its core, RHC Group provides regional project feasibility study, construction planning, project investment and construction, civil engineering construction, installation of equipment and other business support for urbanization in different areas. With a foothold in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, group's construction projects, closely related to China’s national development strategy the Belt and Road Initiative(BRI), are spread across the country and open to the world. We have professional experiences in the fields of municipal works, landscaping, environmental energy-saving reconstruction. Rail transit construction is the main business to expand. Over the years, RHC Group has participated in the construction of subway lines and intercity railways in Beijing and the whole country as well as Beijing Maglev demonstration line project, meanwhile, has also established a widely deep partnership with several large engineering construction corporations, including China Railway Group Limited, China Railway Construction Corporation and China State Construction Engineering Corporation. In addition to this, major construction projects in other countries and regions have been contracted and undertaken by our group, such as Russia and Mongolia. For the urban development and construction, RHC Group provides a thorough service of trade in supporting equipment and materials, import and export trade in equipment and materials, equipment and materials developing, manufacturing and selling, all of which serve in many cities of China, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Nanning and so on.

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Our development principles are

Our development principles are to be guest-oriented, quality-based, honest, and equitable.

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Our entrepreneurial spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit is to reform and innovate, work together, and strive for progress.

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Our vision

Our vision is to secure a foothold at home, expand overseas, be an independent brand, and create a famous brand.

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Chairman’s Message

We RHC people set up our company with the belief “to bravely fly our dreams and pursue glories”, and remain our original aspirations from the beginning of company establishment to now.

We advocate the value of "integrity, honesty, solidarity, friendship, creation and sharing", and grow our company assiduously with the spirit of "constantly striving for improvement and social commitment". Over the past 20 years, we have been persisting and growing all the way through difficulties and adversities. We face ourselves, our company, and reward to customers and society with the attitude of "positivity, persistence and gratitude".

Our vision is to “secure a foothold at home, expand overseas, be an independent brand and create a famous brand”, which is the goal we are striving for. We provide high-quality services for our customers by the business philosophy of "customer-oriented, quality first, and integrity-based". It’s our will to make a contribution to the development of the country and share the responsibility for the progress of society.

For such a long time, our company’s development is inseparable from the understanding, trust, support and help of customers, associates and friends from all walks of life.

Here, on behalf of all the staff, I extend my deep gratitude to you all. Company’s future development needs everyone's support, help and valuable suggestions so that the company can have better development and we can realize our great dream. Thank you! Practice makes great achievements, and dream ignites passions. We advocate thinking and influence the era.

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Organization Structure